Vado Velo 2019

Once Grant & Stone heard of this event we wanted to help out and so decided to co-sponsor the bike ride. 

Vado recently decided to organise a challenging charity bike ride of around 250 miles over three days from Calais to Reims which took place between the 6th and the 10th September 2019. The aim of the cycle is to help six different schools located just outside Thika, a town about 60km outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Many of the parents work all hours on the farms in the countryside they often need the children at home, regardless of their age.

The most important element is food. The scheme works with over 120 pupils in each school, with an age range from 5 to 13. Providing food has to be a priority. It costs £9000 to feed the pupils from all six schools for a year. Some of these children walk for over an hour to get to school and survive on one bowl of porridge a day. 

For more information on the Vado Velo head to