Timeguard's LED Floodlights

Timeguard's range of LED Lighting products has now got wider, with the addition of the new Night Eye Ultra Wide Beam PIR Floodlights and the Super-Bright Floodlight ranges. 

Continuing to set the trend in LED Energy Saving PIR Lighting Timeguard are offering a choice of styles and functionality for both new and replacement installations. This new concept has tremendous energy saving benefits over halogen models. They are still instantly bright like halogens but use only a fraction of the power. This means you could save up to 90% more energy on the majority of models. 

halogen vs led

The Floodlights come in a variety is designs, colour and power,making it easy to choose one to suit your needs.

For more information visit your local Grant & Stone Electrical branch or visit the Timeguard website to see the product ranges.