Rosie's Rainbow Trust Annual Report

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2013 marked 10 years of helping hundreds of sick and disabled children and their families. Rosie's outstanding team have ensured that they bring relief, comfort and inspiration to everyone who they have worked closely with. Grant & Stone support Rosie's Rainbow Fund to help more kids get the help they need.

Some parents stay in the hospital with their long term sick children, which can be very stressful. Amanda Tibbels has been working at Oxford John Radcliffe to help the parents deal with their emotions. She has a particular role of pampering and calming the parents through aromatherapy massage. The feedback from parents have been very positive "I left feeling uplifted and relieved of stress!".

As well as aromatherapy Rosie's fund has introduced music therapy, which is taking place at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Even the most severely ill children have been responding to the music, making a huge differnce to the children's days. 


We are eternally grateful for your ongoing support

Throughout 2013 Rosie's Rainbow Choir had appearences in pubs, parties, shopping centres, hospitals and special schools to raising the awareness of the fund. Over Christmas Redroofs choir performers gave their time freely raising much needed funds.

Over the year many people  did their part to raise money for the charity. The activities included skydiving, mountain climbing and bike rides. Furthermore one trustee ran the Brighton marathon.

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Annual Report 2012/2013

Rosie's Rainbow Funds annual report marking its 10th anniversary.

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