NEW LightwaveRF App

LightwaveRF New App

The NEW LightwaveRF App is available as a free download for Apple and Android. The App is optimised for smartphones, tablets and on a PC. The App can control any LightwaveRF receiver such as dimmers, sockets or radiator valves via the Lightwave Link. This acts as the gateway between the App and other devices and allows remote control from anywhere at or away from home. The App includes clever features such as timers, events, scene lighting and ‘all off’ functions, dusk to dawn sensing and geolocation.

In order to use the new App, please save all your setting to the web server first in the old application before you download the new one. This is so any setup/ timers you have currently will be available when you log into the new App.

After saving your settings un install the old App and download the new one from either store. When the new app opens do not register as a new user, please enter your details as normal and your four digit pin as the password. 

Key features

  • All new user interface featuring quicker navigation, new menu structure 
  • Personalise with your own images
  • Automatic App synchronisations with server and between smartphones
  • Now optimised for iPad as well as iPhone
  • App now expanded to allow for 15 rooms and 16 devices in each
  • ‘Zones’ now included allowing you to group rooms and devices
  • Independently control up to 80 heating devices