New Hansgrohe products and Eco Smart Technology


Axor ShowerProducts

Industrial aesthetics are coming back into style. We can now experience the way water is brought into the bathroom in a completely new way, for example a funnel that is transformed into a shower. 

The showerpipe is a combination of industrial charm and an asymmetrical design. Two separate shut off valves control the hand and overhead shower. The handle have a grooved design offering good grip. 

ShowerProducts offer customisable comfort allowing bathrooms to be designed to personal preferences, saving space. The spray angle of the shower head is also easily adjustable. The efficient system has the ability to switch between two jet types, hard and soft just by clicking on the select button.

Overall the Axor ShowerProducts have luxorious Scandinavian design and can be combined in versatile ways.

Axor LampShower


The Axor LampShower offers a one of a kind showering experience. Water and Light are brought together in one sleek design. Wall mounted or on the ceiling the Axor LampShower rains down a beautifully-formed water jet, enveloping the whole body. The integrated ambiet lighting saves space while creating a feel good atmosphere.

The LampShower comes in many varients including: white, black, gold or chrome. As well as having various special finishes to suit personal tastes.

Eco Smart Technology

Hangrohe has come up with a new trendsetting technology. Eco SMart has been introduced to save you water as well as save the environment.

A lower water consumption = a lower energy requirement. That means lower costs on your bills plus fewer Carbon Dioxide emissions to help save the environment.

Ecosmart showers reduce the daily requirement by up to an astonishing 60%. The RainDance EcoSMart overhead and hand showers require only 9.5 litres of water per minute where as the Crometta 85 green overhead and hand showers only use 6 litres of water per minute. The Ecosmart technology works using a 'precision O-ring' that reacts flexibly to the water pressure and adjusts the water quantity. When the pressure is high, the ring opening gets smaller. If its low it expands the opening. 

Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology

Roughly 13 litres of water per minute run through a conventional basin mixer. All hansgrohe basin mixers now reduce this by up to 60% with the Eco Smart Technology, to around 5 litres per minute. The EcoSmart aerator is integrated into the basin to enrich the water with air, creating a full bubbly jet of water. This means same high quality water but with less wastage, saving you money.


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