Mercury Wireless Multi-room audio kit

hamilton mercury wireless multiroom audio kit

MRA4 Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-Room Audio systems provide you with the comfort and versatility of having music in many rooms of your house or throughout your property. It provides you with the ability of controlling which music is played from one room to another from a wall mounted keypad, or you can change the music using the remote control.

Mercury Multi-Room is simple to operate and can have up to four music sources connected to the system, which can be listened to in four rooms or zones around the house. The music sources can be controlled by a range of stylish control plates. It can also be controlled via the IR remote or by Wi-Fi through the app. 


System Features

- Full control of music in any room of your home

- Different rooms playing different music

- Party mode (play the same music in every room)

- Wall mounted keypads or touchpads

- IR Remote control

- iPod docks for portable music integration

- 4 source, 4 zone multi room music system

- 20W + 20W speaker output per zone

- RS232 serial port for integration with Mercury lighting system

- IP network port for integration and control

- Remote control from Apple iPhone and iPad (via app)