Marsh General Binding Rules

Statement from Marsh Industries Leaders in off-mains drainage.

Clarification regarding General Binding Rules

Mike Norton of Marsh Industries worked extensively with DEFRA to develop the principles relating to General Binding Rules. Mike Norton was asked to give presentations to DEFRA these were undertaken Nationwide in October 2014. We undertook this work for the good of the entire industry. 

We have now seen communication from Kingspan explaining General Binding Rules to assist their service customers through the new legislation. The details apply to all UK manufacturers, contractors and service engineers. 

The new legislation came into being as the Environment Agency in England wanted to relax scrutiny of low risk single house applications in order for them to focus on larger 200 to 300 PE plants on commercial projects where risks were perceived as higher. 

Their original concept involved a registration system which the Government disallowed for England. Instead the General Binding Rules were established which provided another way of achieving the EA & DEFRAs objectives. 

DEFRA & British Water recently published a hand out explaining these rules to the industry & customer base. The legislation came in to force on the 1st January 2015. We, Marsh Industries, have been sending these leaflets out since April this year. 

Basically the rules mean that for prescribed small plants of limited capacity consent to discharge registration is no longer required for the installation and operation. This providing the plants and septic tanks are compliant to the legislation and then ongoing maintenance of the sewage plant to ensure the capital investment made will provide an excellent return on investment for years to come. 

Marsh will be pleased to offer a more detailed explanation to anybody requesting this. Marsh Industries product meet EN12566-1 (septic tanks) and EN12566-3 (for sewage plants up to 50PE). Other products manufactured by Marsh include Pump Stations, Grease Traps and Rain Cell rainwater harvesting units. 

Marsh Industries products are listed as approved on the British Water website. 

September 2015

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