Keylite FutureTherm Technology

Keylite FutureTherm Technology

The new Keylite roof window range with FutureTherm technology makes the installation easier whilst improving the product alltogether. It has a brand new Integrated thermal collar, which is a unique solution to preventing heat loss, whilst providing an install firnedly feature at the same time. This is only found in Keylite products, representing better value as these are now included as standard in a variety of products.


Click Fit Hood & Cover Flashings

The cover flashings now require 50% less screws than before! You can simply click the top of the hood under the clips.

Flick Fit Brackets

Pre-fitted flick fit brackets make intallation easy to do and overall faster from box to roof.

Sash Hinge Finger Springs

The sash hinge finger spring allows the sash to be installed back into the frame in one effortless motion.

Recessed Fit as standrd

Every keylite has recessed fit as a standard and now it sits 12.5mm lower in the roof, making it more aesthetically pleasingas well as improving the thermal permonce of the window.

Low Profile Hood

The recessed fit is achieved using standard flashings which together with the new hood create a low profile.

Warm Edge Glazing

All glazing is now upraded to warm edge as standrd, adding protection against condenstaion.

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