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Swinging Gates

FAAC provide a wide variety of Swing Gates Automation systems, their swing gates products are the perfect solution for electric swing gates and range from operators that are suited to small pedestrian gates, right up to operators suited for commercial heavy duty applications on gates up to 7m per leaf.

The on gate swing automation products can be electro-mechanical or hydraulic, which can be mounted on to the gate. On Gate swing automation adds security, convenience and safety to gates, this means of access control means that gates can be opened remotely adding to convenience.


Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates are often the best solution for commercial premises with busy access points. FAAC offer a wide range of sliding gates automation products to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites. The operators for Sliding Gates are capable of moving gates up to 2,200kg.

Slide Gates are a practical means of access control. Fitting automated slide gate systems further the ease of use and convenience. We stock a range of slide gate operators which are specifically for residential use.

Electric gates are extremely useful for commercial properties, as they add security and create a convenient way for vehicles to access. Once your electric gates are installed selection of your access control system is simple. In the event of emergency your electric gates can be manually operated with ease. 


FAAC Hydraulic & Mechanical Swing Gates

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