EU Light Bulb Ban

EU Halogen Light Bulb Ban

The final phase of EU Energy Regulations banning the sale of halogen light bulbs came into affect on 1st September 2018. This is the final stage of the European Unions directive (EC 244/2009) that has progressively banned less efficient light sources, with the aim of cutting carbon emissions and improving enegery efficiency across the EU. 

Halogen light bulbs are being banned because they fall foul of the regulations as they use a lot more energy than alternatives such as LEDs or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. They also have a relatively short lifespan of around 2,000 hours - approximately two years based on 3 hours usuage per day. 

The ban includes the classic-style halogen bulbs also know as 'non-directional' bulbs which are made of glasss, operated without a transformer, and emit light in all directions. Types of bulb affected include the standard fitting E27 edison screw (ES) or B22 bayonet bulbs (BC) - the most common type in UK households, and the smaller E14 (SES) and B15 (SBC) types. 

For everything you need to know and about the halogen light bulb ban and how it affects you click here.

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