Collingwood Tool Free Terminal Box

T Block & Decorator Box

Look no tools

Collingwood Lighting understand that your time on site is precious and therefore they are constantly looking for new ways to make your life easier through innovative product development. Collingwood's new Terminal Connector or ‘T’ has been designed specifically with this in mind.

Unlike other products on the market which rely on screw-fit or ratchet systems, the Collingwood downlight connector utilises push-fit technology and is ready to install without the need for any tools.

This option turns, what can be, a frustrating and time consuming wiring task into a simple, straight-forward job that can be completed in a matter of seconds. The downlight comes already securely attached to the connector (‘T’), so it only has to be fitted at one end. Push fit terminals allow for quick and easy loop in/loop out wiring, eliminating the need for separate junction boxes. It simply clamps shut on many cable types.

Collingwood's Terminal Connector meets all regulations and has been meticulously designed and stress-tested to make sure wiring stays put even under increased load. In-built adaptors allow for both UK and European cable dimensions for added versatility.

Because wiring their Terminal Connector takes only a matter of seconds, you can save time and money with the new ‘T’, available with the H2 Pro 550, H4FF, H2 Lite, H5 500 and H5 1000 downlights.

Michael from MJC Electrical recently fitted three ‘T’ versions from the Collingwood downlight range saying “They were great to work with, the best products we have ever fitted”