Chloe Kempster - Aylesbury Kitchen Branch Manager

Chloe Kempster is the manager of our Kitchen Branch in Aylesbury. We decided to ask Chloe some questions about her job role & general life! Here's what she said:

How long have you been working at Aylesbury Kitchen Showroom for? Three and a half years.

Congratulations on becoming branch manager, what advice would you give to other women wanting to join this industry? Thanks! I’ve only ever worked in this industry – its fast-paced, hard work but really good fun! My advice would be to go for it, do it with confidence and know that if you work hard you will progress. Don’t be scared to voice your opinion, the industry is full of strong characters, but being a women doesn’t hold you back – there are lots more women in the industry than when I started 10 years ago!
What would you say your biggest achievement has been? In 2017 I graduated with a 2:1 honours degree in Business Management – whilst working full time!
What are some things you would do in a typical workday? It varies hour by hour, meeting customers new & old, designing kitchens and running reports!
What's your favourite thing about working in the Kitchen Showroom? The atmosphere – we work hard and are very busy, but we always make time to have a giggle!
How would you say Grant & Stone has helped you in your career development? I previously worked at trade kitchen suppliers so working at the Grant & Stone showroom has given me the opportunity to deal with a different calibre of customers with a much wider scope of the product. This has been great for creativity in designing and the ability to adapt my approach to customers.
What does true leadership mean to you? Leadership is motivating people to work towards a goal, true leadership is communicating that goal with each member of a team and helping them play a part!
How do you achieve work-life balance? Work hard, play hard!  My social calendar is always busy and I make sure I spend plenty of time with my family & friends!
Do you have a favourite quote? Que sera, sera!
What do you like to do on your days off? Wood walks with my handsome pooch, Lemmy! Lots of socialising with friends and family - always including good food and a good tipple!
What's one thing on your bucket list? Trek Machu Picchu!
What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years? That it’s so important to make ‘you time’, time dedicated to chilling out and unwinding after busy weeks filled with work and socialising!
Where would you like to go on a dream vacation? Belize!

Thanks for taking part Chloe!

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